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PLEASE REBLOG THIS!! Please spread the word about this app for those who will find it useful. They are testing this fall and releasing worldwide after!

If you’re interested in getting it in your area for a test market/generally helping them with feedback etc, then go to and go to the contact section. Put in your email, and you will receive an email saying the following:


Thanks for your inquiry! I am the Chief Operating Officer for SafeTrek and wanted to reach out to you regarding the information you requested about SafeTrek. As you have seen, SafeTrek’s mission is to provide proactive mobile protection for citizens. To ensure the effectiveness and functionality of our product, we are testing the software in small markets by piloting SafeTrek at a few police departments this fall. After the pilots, we will be expanding SafeTrek’s services to police departments nationwide.

In order to make that happen and get you as much information about SafeTrek’s services in your area, we need your help by providing answers to the following questions. Please feel free to only answer the questions that you feel are applicable.

Are you interested in the dispatcher dashboard or the mobile application?
What state/city/county are you inquiring about?
Where did you hear about SafeTrek?
In addition to what you have seen on our website, what other services do you think would be useful?
Why do you personally think SafeTrek would be helpful in your area?
Can we use your comments in our marketing materials and communications with your police department?

I look forward to hearing back from you, and thanks for reaching out to us!

Nick Droege
Chief Operating Officer | SafeTrek

I know I speak for many when I say that this app would make me feel significantly safer, especially as a young woman living in a city where I often feel a bit unsafe at night in certain areas. Please help this go viral and help the creators get this up and running by putting your email in and answering the questions they send you!

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